Release notes – QuieroApps Neutrino 4.0

New Features
•    Adds the Social Sharing on the Catalog, Set Meal, Custom Page, Newswall, Fanwall, Calendar, Commerce, Places, Discount, RSS Feed and WordPress features. (Apps must be republished)
•    Adds White Label Editor for resellers.
•    Adds Topic feature.

•    Fixes the issue when entering text in Create a new application.
•    Fixes the hidden cross to change the image of a category from the Commerce feature.
•    Fixes the transparency issue on icon upload.
•    Adds the iOS source code without Ads download missing from the editor.
•    Forces icon and startup images to png.
•    Fixes the issue on channel search on the YouTube feature.
•    Fixes the endless loading when saving by changing the Label field as a required field from the Places and Custom Page feature.
•    Fixes the color picker of the Header on the Colors tab.
•    Fixes the ACL issue when user have no access to the editor tab.
•    Fixes colorpicker for White Label.
•    Fixes the My Account page not added when adding Fan Wall and Padlock features.
•    Fixes issue with scrollbar on icon upload modal.
•    Manages Icon Colorizable option in Folder filling template.
•    Fixes the last block undraggable on the Custom Page feature.
•    Fixes the uploaded icon not displaying until the page refresh.
•    Replaces the Serbian currency symbol by RSD.
•    Fixes the links integrating image (including base64 image) in the Source Code feature.
•    Fixes an ACL issue, if the user hasn’t the right to manage invoices, the link is still enable in the editor.
•    Removes the background uploader for the Radio and Link features.
•    Fixes an ACL issue that hides the link when the user hasn’t the right to manage invoices.
•    Fixes the display/hide features list when choosing to lock the entire app in the Padlock feature.
•    Fixes the overview reloads issue when editing topics.
•    Fixes the position of a created topic from the Topic feature.
•    Fixes the content deletion on In-App Messages and Push Notifications features when they are deleted.

•    Reorganizes & fixes the ACL.
•    Fixes an issue on the Previews.
•    Fixes the generation of the Android translations which include an underscore in the language code.
•    Adds the missing fields from the admin account page.
•    Fixes multiple android app installations in the same device. (Apps must be republished)

•    Fixes the link feature which doesn’t work with layout template 1 when visible from all the application’s page.
•    Fixes the layout template 1 transparency when visible from all the application’s page.
•    Fixes the scroll issue when there is a lot of categories after clicking on the All items button from the Catalog feature.
•    Fixes the delivery fees computing from the Commerce feature.
•    Fixes the From label issue on the Commerce feature.
•    Fixes the JPG files quality from the Set Meal feature.
•    Fixes the YouTube videos which is disappearing when you click on play on Android.
•    Fixes the image display issue on the In App Messages feature.
•    Fixes videos sorting order on Youtube search.
•    Fixes an issue on the Load More button.
•    Fixes the format label disappearing when changing the product quantity on the cart from the Commerce feature.
•    Fixes the issue when a user creates a post it is displayed under the name of the app in the FanWall feature.
•    Fixes the empty price that was displayed as null (or 0.00) from the Set Meal feature.
•    Fixes issue on Social Sharing toggle button.
•    Fixes the provider issue when there is no facebook app id for Android.
•    Fixes the back button not appearing with the layout 9 after pressing on the locate button from the Contact feature.
•    Fixes the ‘facebook_app_id not translated’ error while compiling android apk.
•    Fixes the iOS app crash on iPad when clicking on the Share button (apps must be republished).
•    Fixes the way to display a location in Maps from the Custom Page.
•    Removes the required attribute to the customer title field.

•    Improves the Commerce feature : quantity management in cart and product page, product photo gallery, product formats, search bar in editor and app, product duplication.
•    Adds the delete button for My pictures in the Image feature.
•    Adds a search by user for the YouTube videos.

•    Adds Serbia currency.
•    Replaces Lithuania currency symbol by € (Euro).
•    Adds the Mozambican currency.
•    Adds the multi-layouts in the Discount and Newswall features.
•    Adds an image to the Discount feature.
•    Adds 3 new fields (Title, Subtitle and Date) to the Newswall feature.
•    Adds the T&Cs management to the Discount & Loyalty Card features, accessible by the SETTINGS button.

•    Adds some resources to ACL (In-App Messages, Topics and White Label Editor).

•    Replaces the word Gender by Title in the user account.
•    Adds PDF Support for Android. (Apps must be republished)
•    Activates the background audio mode for iOS. (Apps must be republished)
•    Improves the YouTube videos loading time.

•    Fixes the big space issue under the Add a picture button on the Set Meal feature.
•    Changes the overview iOS status bar design to iOS 8.
•    Resizes the iPhones in the admin to match the ratio of the actual iPhones.
•    Fixes the image uploader button’s design.

•    Fixes the button’s color on the Form feature.
•    Fixes a design issue when editing in the Set Meal feature.
•    Fixes the price alignment in the Set Meal Feature.

•    Fixes a translation issue on the formats products on the Commerce feature.
•    Fixes a translation issue on the Loyalty Card feature.
•    Adds the missing translation in the order confirmation email from the Commerce feature.
•    Fixes a translation issue in the Order tab of the Commerce feature.

•    Fixes some translation issue.
•    Fixes some translations when the app is blocked.
•    Fixes some translations for the Catalog feature.
•    Fixes the translations for the categories of the templates.
•    Fixes some translation issues from the NewsWall, Calendar, Push Notification, Catalog and My Account features.
•    Fixes a translation issue in the Loyalty Card feature.
•    Fixes some translation issues in the Loyalty Card, Discount, NewsWall/FanWall, Form, Images and Audio features.

•    Moves the translation “Create an account” from customer.csv to default.csv cause it’s also used for Padlock when loading the app.
•    Adds the default role name ‘Administrator: full access’ in translations from the Admin editor on the back office.
•    Fixes Topic translation issues (renames pntopics.csv to topic.csv).

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