(QA Neutrino)

Over the  Last Years  We’ve Been Comparing +30 App Builders
We wanted our platform to be more powerful, easier and more affordable, and  we made it!

With QA Neutrino you can use almost all of the Standard “Periodic Table of the App-Builder Elements”, to make the best Apps in minutes. QuieroApps Neutrino



With our panel you can build Native apps. (1)

General Appstores Information

App name, description, keywords, main category, secondary category (optional). (13)

Monetize your App

Get paid with AdMob and Amazon Mobile Ad. Banner or Interstitial. (14)

Publisher Developer account

You can choose to publish under your developer account, create one, or under one of our developer accounts. (15)

Offline Mode

Allow your users to download the contents of the app in order to access it whenever they want, even when there is no connection. (16)

Source code

Download the complete source code of your App for iPhone, Android and Amazon. (according to your purchased plan). (17)

Clone your App

Duplicate your apps with just one click. (18)

Access Management

Add different users to access your control panel with customized permissions/restrictions. (36)

Multi-Language enabled

11 languages available. More coming! (54)

QR Code promotion

Generate and download the QR code of your App for promotion. (77)

Banner on site promotion

Insert a promote banner for your application on your site. (78)


App downloads, views, customer in figures (points, rankings,…). (79)

App Users

Add, edit and modify your App users. Restrict access to all or part of your app. (80)

Terms & Conditions

Add your own terms & conditions for discounts and royalty cards. (81)

Facebook Api Keys

Optional. You can use your own facebook api keys. (82)

Domain Name

Your own domain name for Mobile website version of your App. (83)

Messages (internal)

Send internal messages in your control panel. (84)

App Mobile Editor

Native App Editor Mobile Application for iOS, Android, Amazon. (85)

App Previewer

Native App Previewer Mobile Application for iOS, Android, Amazon. (86)

Social Sharing

Let the users share the content of the app on Social Networks and friends. (87)

Facebook Connect

App users can connect with their Facebook account directly in the apps. (88)



App Templates

You can choose to start your app with a premade template/theme or a blank template. (2)


12 different layouts to choose where you want to show the app menu/buttons. Horizontal and Vertical scrolling. (3)

Menu / Buttons

Customized colors, background icons for your menu and icons. Upload your own background and icons. (4)

Homepage background

You can choose an image for the first home page or same background for all pages. Upload for different devices/sizes. (5)

Localization / Currency

This option enables you to set the currency used in your app. (6)


Choose your font style. (7)

Dashboard Icon

Upload app icon for device dashboards. (8)

Startup Image

Choose the image which will be shown before app loads. Upload for different devices/sizes. (9)

Device Emulator

See how your app looks like in different devices like: iPhone5, iPhone6, Android, Fire Phone, Html5. (10)

Homepage Slider

Placed on the homepage of your app. (optional) (11)

iOS Status Bar

Hide/show ios status bar. (optional) (12)



Custom Page

Create pages with the content you need: text, photo galleries, videos, etc. (19)

Web links / pdf files

Retrieve any responsive website and display it’s content in your App. Link to any online pdf file. (20)

Html Code

Insert your own HTML, Javascript, or any client-side code, to create your own modules. (21)


Create unlimited folders and subfolders with image covers and put other modules inside them. (22)

RSS Feeds

A blog or news feeds that you’d like to feature? Feeds can become part of your application. (23)

News Wall

Enable store to share with their clients and get feedbacks. (24)

Links Page

A page with your image cover and all the recommended links. (25)


ical, facebook calendar or your own customized calendar event showcase. (26)

Fan Wall / Chat

Allow users to send photos and comments to create a great community. Geolocated. (27)

Contact pages

Allow one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more. (28)


Build your own forms to offer surveys, contact forms with possiblity to send gelocation, image uploads from user mobile device, etc. (29)

Places Directory

Create directory of nearby places and points of interest. (30)

Social Networks (Facebook)

Make your application and social network pages communicate each other. (31)

Loyalty Card

Create a digital loyalty program featuring one or several cards. (32)

Discount Card

Get the store sales rolling with simple, high-performance discounts. (33)

Contest - Social Gaming

Challenge users and increase their purchase frequency. An original, fun, effective tool. (34)


The complete feature to sell online, from a single or several stores. Native mcommerce with pro options. (35)


Product-price list. All products and prices at users’ fingertips. A useful feature to let users share with their friends. (37)

Set Meal

Create your native restaurant-bar menu. (38)


Allow users to book a place or anything you want, with an easy and multi-store plug-in. (39)

Photo Galleries

Highlight events and stores with attractive photo galleries. Picassa, Instagram or your own image uploads. (40)

Video Galleries

Youtube, Podcast or Vimeo videos. Don’t let users quit your app to watch your videos. (41)

Instagram albums

Integrate Instagram albums directly in your apps. (42)

Picasa albums

Retrieve, choose and display your photos from Picasa. (43)

Youtube videos

Display a complete Youtube channel or just specific videos. (44)

Vimeo videos

Integrate beautiful videos from Vimeo. (45)

Podcasts videos

Let your users follow your Podcast videos or tracks. (46)

Audio iTunes

Create playlists from iTunes, and let the music play. (47)

Audio Soundcloud

Create playlists from Soundcloud, and let the music play. (48)

Audio Podcasts

Create playlists from Podcasts, and let the music play. (49)

Audio Mp3

Create playlists from your own files, and let the music play. (50)


Lock your app wholly or partly, and create VIP access. Unlock with membership or QR code. (51)


Upload our wp plugin to your website and retreive all the categories/posts of your web. (native). (52)


Add this feature to let your users find their way to any destination, or one you have specified in your editor. (53)

QR Code Reader

Allow your users to access specific data embedded in a QR Code of your own. (55)

QR Cupons

Create discount coupons unlocked once a specific QR Code is scanned. (56)

Weather widget

Just add this feature to your app to improve it with weather info. (89)

Tips Calculator widget

A simple widget to help your users calculate the tips amount. (90)


Just copy and paste your streaming url and you have a native radio in your app. (91)

Online Stores

You can now add links to Magento, WooCommerce, Volusion, Shopify and Prestashop stores to your apps! (92)


Push Notifications

Send unlimited push notifications to your app users now or on a specific date/hour to all or a group of users (topics). (57)

Schedule Push notifications

Send your push notifications on a specific date. (58)

In-app Messages

Send messages to your users when they open the app. Ex: your own publicity. (59)

Geolocalized push notifications

Choose a city, a radius and send a notification to users in the area or who will enter in the area. (60)

Push Redirection

Send Push Notifications with a link to a specific url or a page in your application. (61)

Notification Topics

Create topics with users subscriptions, and send targeted notifications and in-app messages. (62)

Push to Users

Send push notifications to specific users (registered with email). (63)

Inbox Messages

Send private messages (text, image, video, attached files) directly to user inbox in the App. Your users can reply to your messages. (64)



iOS binary (ipa) generator

iOS binary (ipa) generator. Online generator not available, only using XCode. (72)

Android binary (apk) generator

Android online binary (apk) generator. (73)

Amazon binary (apk) generator

Amazon online binary (apk) generator. (74)

Windows binary (xap) generator

Not Available. (75)

Blackberry binary generator

Not Available. (76)