Preguntas Frecuentes

The monthly fee gives you access the latest app editing platform and features, while benefiting from our cloud-based system. QuieroApps is a cloud publishing platform, allowing you to edit your app design, preview the changes and update your app in real time, as often as you wish without spending money on app to the store re-submissions.
We offer a great discount on annual vs monthly billing. Simply select annual billing during the payment process and save 2 months on each Plan!
We accept Paypal/ major credit cards. Also Direct Debit Payments (only Spain). Your Billing options can be managed from your QuieroApps Account (http://emporioplatinum.com/manager)
Your monthly fee guarantees that your app will be fully performing for users and active on the stores. If you decide to interrupt your payments, your app will no longer be active for users who downloaded it, and it will appear blank on the stores where you had previously published it.
In order to reactivate your app you will have to renew payments or switch to a new plan.
Our work is to improve the platform and solve bugs that could occur even if we have tested the solution before releasing it. Upgrades and fixes will be released in the case you find a bug. And if you encounter a bug on your install, you can create a bug ticket in your dedicated support access and the tech team will fix it asap.
Apps made with QuieroApps Neutrino can be published on Google Play for Android devices, on the Apple App Store for iOS devices & on the Amazon App Store for Amazon mobile devices. In terms of devices, that means Android phones and tablets, iPhones (3 to 6) and iPads. In term of OS version, QuieroApps supports Android version starting from 3.0 version and versions above (very last version included), and iOS starting from 6.0 version and versions above (very last version included). In most of the cases the new OS versions support the apps made for older versions, but if they don’t it is our job to update the panel to support the very last versions of each OS.
Yes. Apps work offline. At the first launch of the app a window asks the user if he wants to download the content of the app to get it offline.
You can’t transfer the content of an app made at another provider. What you can do is to update your existing app by creating a new version of this app on the stores. You will need for each app the keystore certificate and its associated password to update the Android version. For iOS updates, nothing is required from the previous provider. For both stores, you will need the developer account credentials of course.

Yes. Your app is automatically up to date.
The only things you can’t modify on your apps without new submissions are : app icon, app startup image (splash screen), app name, app description, categories and keywords, and the mobile website url (in settings>domain).
Another point concerns the “audio” feature, if you have bought it: if you want it to work with multitasking (navigate through your phone, outside your app, with music keep on playing), you have to integrate it on your first publishing, if your app is already published when you add this feature, it will not work in multitasking mode, and you will have to submit again if you want the audio to work in multitasking.
Some other features/options must be added from the start like the social sharing options, AdMob for iOS, and Places. But once you have added them you can change the content without resubmit the app on the stores. You would just have to republish your app in case these features are not already added from the start (note that you can add the Places feature just for one place, publish your app and then add this feature in your app again without submitting the app again).

And design, colors and of course features are editable when you want and without new publication process.

To publish your app in the major stores you are required to activate your own personal developer account. The fee amounts to 99$/year for the Apple App Store and 25$ (one-time fee) for Google Play. Approval from the stores typically take 15 working days for the App Store and 24-48 hours for Google Play. We can create your developer accounts for you. (see plans & prices)

We can submit your app both on Google Play and on the Apple App Store. (see plans & prices)

Creation of the certificates
Creation of your Screenshots
Creation of your app APK and IPA
Submission under your own developer account
We will send you the APK and IPA files after their submission on the stores.

Our clients are sales/marketing manager with no coding skills, so yes you will be able to manage your edition, absolutely no coding is required.
You should take a look at the features page and let your imagination do the rest.
Yes we have a knowledge base / help portal where you will have access to a complete documentation on how to use the platform, the features and how to publish apps quickly.
For the APKs (Android app), yes, the APKs will be automatically generated. The IPA file for the iOS apps can’t be automatically compiled from a server, because the compilation process must be done through the Xcode software from Apple, and thus from an Apple computer. That means that iOS apps must be compiled manually, and Android apps will be automatically generated.
No, all you have to do is to fill out the GCM Key and the Project ID for Android notifications in your backend (the process takes 5 minutes), and that will work for all your apps (no need to do it for each app). For iOS, the notifications have to be set up when the app is published (a creation of a certificate that is explained in our documentation)